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Rustic Weddings

We love a rustic wedding: real wood, country inspired dressing and a chance to really make your wedding unique to you.

Our huge range of rustic dressing is perfect for any venue and be combined to create just the right dressing package for you.


Rustic centrepieces

We have a wide range of rustic centrepieces to suit any taste.

I can work with you to design a rustic centrepiece that works perfectly for you.

Rustic backdrops

We have a range of rustic backdrops that add to the rustic theme of your wedding.


Rustic crates and ladders

Our rustic crates and ladders work brilliantly to create unique rustic arrangements.

Rustic LOVE letters

Our 4 foot rustic LOVE letters are unique-they are custom made and have a lovely rounded shape you won't see in other LOVE letters.

To make them even better, our rustic LOVE letters twinkle, giving a gorgeous effect.

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