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Complete Venue Dressing Service

We specialise in complete packages for venue dressing.

We work with you to design every single part of the dressing for your venue so it works perfectly for you.

Consultations at our showroom can be booked so you can meet with us and discuss exactly what you're looking for face to face.


Everything catered for

Going for a complete venue dressing package from Helles Belles Wedding Hire makes sure you can relax and be sure that your venue will look perfect.

We work closely with you to design every element of your venue dressing and make sure it fits perfectly with what you want.

Perfect for you

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and you want it to be perfect for you.

Anything can be changed and we work with you to discuss the themes, colours and settings you love!


Every item can be adjusted

We don't believe in giving everyone the same venue dressing package - we believe in working with you to design something that is truly custom to you.

Bringing it all together

We want you to walk through the door and fall in love with your venue and décor - we're sure you will!

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