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Backdrops & table swags

Whether you want a twinkle backdrop, a hexagonal statement piece, a rustic backdrop, an Edison light backdrop or a blossom wall, we can offer beautiful backdrops that will transform your venue and show off your, guests and your venue.

All of our backdrops can be customised, if you have something in mind just ask!


Twinkle backdrops

A twinkle backdrop is the perfect way to dress your venue and light it up.

Our backdrops come in 3, 6 and 9 metre lengths and can have Grecian swags and much more added to them to make them look even more fantastic! 

Hexagonal backdrop

Our hexagonal backdrop is unique and looks absolutely amazing.

It works perfectly as a backdrop for pictures and can be dressed in a range of colours, with extras including hanging diamantes, lanterns and candles.


Rustic backdrop

Our rustic backdrop is simple and understated.

It can be dressed up or dressed down to suit your theme and is sure to impress your guests!

Edison light backdrop

Our Edison light backdrop is really unique!

It is attention grabbing and is the perfect backdrop for a rustic wedding.

The hanging bulbs are a gorgeous colour and create a soft glow that really helps to light up a room.


Blossom wall

Our blossom wall is high quality and comes in one piece, unlike many other backdrops.

It is full, covered in ivory roses and matches perfectly with our many blossom items.

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