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Where It All Started

Our business was born out of a desire to make our wedding perfect and being unable to find people as passionate about it as we were. Because of this we chose to embark on a journey to our very own wedding-just as we wanted it. Let us pass on our passion and expertise to your perfect day and make it everything you imagined with as little stress as possible.


About us

We are a family business run by Helen and Richard. Our business was inspired by the challenges we faced in finding people and companies who valued our own special day as we much as we did. We began with candy carts as Richard is a qualified cabinetmaker and he felt he could make a candy cart which suited us perfectly, rather than renting one which would never quite be right. From there we ventured into full venue dressing.

The enjoyment we got from organising our own wedding made us want to pass on this experience to others. We know there is nothing more frustrating than trawling through endless websites and the time it takes to compare prices and try and get the best deal can be incredibly tiresome! We aim to make finding the perfect accompaniments to your wedding quick, easy and enjoyable. We work hard to make our prices competitive and we take pride in our simple business motto "Perfection over price." By this we mean that instead of aiming to offer the cheapest product we aim to offer the best product.

If there is something you feel would make your day perfect we do not yet offer then please do not hesitate to ask. Our aim is always to meet your needs.

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