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Chair Covers

We offer white chair covers and sashes, hoods and vertical drapes.

Sashes and drapes can be complemented with flowers, brooches, beads and more.

If you prefer chiavari chairs, we can offer a range of sashes and vertical drapes to make them look stunning.


Pure white chair covers

Our chair covers are always top quality pure white and always stand out and look pristine.

A huge range of sashes

We can offer sashes in almost any colour you choose to perfectly complement your colours and theme.


Hoods, ruffles and more

We don't stop at sashes, we offer chair hoods, chiffon ruffles and more.

For chiavari chairs, we offer vertical drapes and sashes in a wide range of colours.

Finishing touches

Chair covers can be paired with brooches, flowers, ribbons and more to make your chairs look even more fantastic!

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