Our popcorn cart works fantastically as an alternative to a candy cart! We offer a choice of sweet, salted, plain or toffee (our favourite!) freshly popped popcorn and a huge range of toppings and flavourings.

We dress the cart to suit your occasion and have a wide range of accessories we can use with it.

Just as with our candy cart, we will always have one (or two for big weddings/events) attendants to ensure everything runs smoothly, your guests  are served and the cart is kept clean and tidy!

As part of your hire of our popcorn cart we provide;

  • Ourselves-we will always provide at least one of us (it's normally both of us!) to run the cart. This means that we replenish popcorn as needed, serve guests and help younger guests who may not be able to reach.
  • We only ever use freshly popped popcorn to ensure it is as flavoursome as possible!
  • We can offer warmed popcorn using our deluxe popcorn machine.
  • A huge range of toppings and flavourings for your popcorn - just ask if you have something in mind!
  • All popcorn is served in bags or cones.
  • Lighting wrapped around the legs and top of the cart to enhance it's appearance.
  • Dressing the cart with a range of decorations-we have a huge range of coloured hearts, flowers, ribbons and bows in colours to match your theme and mirrors to make the cart even more eye catching!  

As we always say if there is something you would like for your cart which we don't have then please do not hesitate to ask-we can almost always track down items for you, given a little time.


We have a clear, simple price for our candy cart. We charge £2 per person with a minimum price of £150.

Click here for a full price list for our popcorn cart.