This is where our business started and we are incredibly proud of our candy cart - handmade and unique it looks fantastic, comes complete with lights and decorations and we can accommodate almost any choice or combinations of sweets you desire! Please click here to download a complete list of the sweets we provide and some of our favourite sweet packages.

As part of your hire of the candy cart we provide;

  • Ourselves-although many hire companies simply leave you with the cart to manage we have found this rarely works well. We will always provide at least one of us (it's normally both of us!) to run the cart. This means that we replenish sweets as needed, hand out sweets and help younger guests who may not be able to reach.
  • A huge range of sweets. We offer a range of packages of sweets we think are fantastic and bring back childhood memories or you can pick from our entire selection. For our complete list of sweets as a PDF click here.
  • Glassware to place sweets in is always included-we have a wide and always growing range of glassware and you are sure to be able to pick something that meets your taste. From oversize martini glasses to goblets to large bowls to vases we have something to cater for every taste.
  • Tongs and silverware to avoid you having to pick up sweets by hand.
  • Paper bags (in a colour of your choice) in which sweets can be placed.
  • Lighting wrapped around the legs and top of the cart to enhance it's appearance.
  • Dressing the cart with a range of decorations-we have a huge range of coloured hearts, flowers, ribbons and bows in colours to match your theme and mirrors to make the cart even more eye catching!  

As we always say if there is something you would like for your cart which we don't have then please do not hesitate to ask-we can almost always track down items for you, given a little time.

We have a full price list for hire of the candy cart which can be downloaded here or please see below.


We have a clear, simple price for our candy cart. We charge £2 per person with a minimum price of £150.

Halal and vegetarian sweets:

If you would like vegetarian or Halal sweets we have a wide range available - please contact us to discuss this.